21 January 2021 – Azured
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Ooooh, a Planetary Computer…?

In 2020, Microsoft made a commitment to become carbon negative, zero waste and water positive. Which is great…but they’re taking it even further than that. They’re building a planetary computer.

For someone with a love for tech, data and the natural environment, this is the kind of thing that really gets my attention. The planetary computer will “use AI and the power of cloud-based computing, to convert what was previously considered inconceivable amounts of data about Earth’s natural systems into actionable insights and information”.

The video is 10 minutes long and is well worth a watch!

Partnership, collaboration and how to do it – by BT and VMware VeloCloud?

We’re only, ahem, 20 days into January but the two words that I’m seeing again and again are partnership and collaboration. In this short clip, Scott Cowling, Director of Network Services at BT, and Sanjay Uppal, of VMware and co-founder of VeloCloud, talk about their strong partnership and how it is key to the successful delivery of impactful solutions for their customers.

The full webinar about the benefits of cloud and the right SD-WAN strategy is here.