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Azured Device Protect

Collaboration without compromise.

In the chain of cloud security, the device is often the weakest link. So much can go wrong. Out of date software and operating systems, inadequate protection, user error…

Let’s not explode our brains thinking about the sheer magnitude of managing multiple devices; on different platforms, company owned, employee owned – especially if your organisation has them in their hundreds.

We’re using the home office more than ever before and the need to manage devices effectively, but remotely, is at its all time mahoosiveness.

Azured Device Protect is a beast of a fully-managed device protection solution with tusks made from Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and jaws of crazy mutant Heuristic AV. It will rip the head off worms and impale trojans without a second glance.

And let’s face it. We’ve all had enough of viruses.