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Secure by design.

Precision by default.

We’re well aware that every IT consultancy bangs the ‘bespoke solutions’ drum until you have tinnitus. In that sense, we’re no different – and there’s a couple of good reasons for that.

1) What would be the point of investing the effort in a robust discovery phase to adopt a one-size-fits-all solution? You deserve couture, baby!

2) Your business challenges, competitors, customers, systems, processes, objectives, resources, budget, people, preferences and appetite for change are unique. 

In order to succeed, the design of your cloud architecture must embrace and address these challenges – head on.

Whatever you want.

Back to the drum analogy… when we design a cloud or hybrid cloud architecture we tend to flip those challenges on their heads, so they become opportunities for technology to differentiate your business, giving it a competitive edge. You could say that, like you, we dance to a different beat. We might even have a different drum – a nice timpani, perhaps. And we play with precision. We’re ‘tight’, just like Status Quo when they played the Ipswich Gaumont in 1987.

What we’re proposin’

Designs follow the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework

Pilots and Proof of Concept (POC)

Risk assessments

Landing Zone design

Full design documentation: conceptual, high and  low level designs

Delivery of an IT roadmap including detailed steps for implementation

Clear desired outcomes and metrics to measure success

Secured and future-proofed your environment

“Our global team went home on a Friday evening and came back on a Monday morning and everything was in place, ready for them to start working. Azured delivered more, for less.”