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The calculus

of innovation

We’re going to make this point again, so forgive us – we’re not being lazy, it simply bears repeating. If IT were to stay still, frozen in time, then continually assessing its performance and usefulness wouldn’t be necessary.

Businesses don’t stay the same. Competitors don’t stay the same. Markets don’t stay the same. And technology certainly doesn’t either. If progression is desirable, innovation is necessary. Changes in your world – both opportunities and threats – need to be met by agility in your IT.

In the words of the scientist William Brody, “The calculus of innovation is really quite simple: Knowledge drives innovation, innovation drives productivity, productivity drives economic growth.“

The best way of predicting
the future is to define it

One-off transformation can be hugely beneficial, but true innovation is iterative and the derived benefits are exponential:

If your business is ready to embrace change, then it makes sense for it to maintain that state of readiness, embedding it as a cultural habit. And with companies under constant pressure to enhance customer experience, retain talented staff and do more with less money, innovation should be less of an optional add-on and more of a minimum standard.

Innovation is doing, not just thinking.

Put progress into practice with our:

managed services

regular performance review and evolvement of your IT roadmap

access to our in-house technology developments

life cycle management

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monitoring, reporting, alerts and remediation

self-healing systems

24 x 7 follow the sun support both on-site and virtual

continuous upgrade paths for security solutions

“Our global team went home on a Friday evening and came back on a Monday morning and everything was in place, ready for them to start working. Azured delivered more, for less.”