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Technology with a human touch,

not zero touch.

It’s easy to forget that the transformative power of technology lies wholly in its ability to enable and empower people to do things better.

Everything we do we do to make people’s lives easier, more productive, less stressful and to create more possibilities. Technology for technology’s sake alone is meaningless, which is why people become the most crucial element in our delivery. What do they want to do? How do they want to do it? What obstacles can technology remove? What inspiration can it deliver?

Buck the trend and deliver something that does what it’s meant to do. Crazy.

We believe that when delivering any transformation project a people-centred approach is a proven way of guaranteeing a successful outcome. And, let’s face it, digital transformation projects have received a lot of bad press; often taking ridiculous amounts of time and money to implement and not delivering any long term tangible benefits. McKinsey’s recent report states that “only 16 percent of respondents say their organisations’ digital transformations have successfully improved performance and also equipped them to sustain changes in the long term”*.

We don’t let that happen (our success rate is 100%).

But we do make this happen:

Change and stakeholder management, and clear communications

Knowledge transfer to empower your people to make transformation sustainable

Projects led by a cloud architect, supported by a project management and delivery team

Guarantee speed of deployment for immediate improvements

Illustration of person sitting at desk with computer in house

Full data trails to go into Change Management Database (CMDB)

Information for, or provision of, staff training documents

Training using the latest cognitive techniques

Vendor management.   So you don’t have to…

“Our global team went home on a Friday evening and came back on a Monday morning and everything was in place, ready for them to start working. Azured delivered more, for less.”