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Innocent quiz or password hacker’s favourite game??

🐢 Pet’s name? 🍜 Favourite food? πŸš™ First car? πŸ–οΈ Favourite beach? If you swing by other leading social media platforms, no doubt you’ll have seen something similar to this.

So, have you really just revealed your super cool band name to the world? Or have you just given away key pieces of information that could give away your login credentials to some (or all) of your most highly guarded information?

Social engineering attacks are as social as they sound. Once they’ve accessed some of your information, they can then use that to run rampage everywhere else, extracting more and more information about you as they go.

According to a report byΒ #Crowdstrike, the average dwell time for a hacker is 79 days…hmmmm, how are those holiday snaps looking?Β #Ibiza2021 😬

Cloud-based transformations for an agile, secure future.?

☁️ ✨ The best talent is drawn to companies that appear forward-thinking, that embrace flexible ways of working and that offer the best tools. Companies who get it right and deliver a cloud-based transformation can manage the ever-evolving working environment painlessly πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”§

πŸ’₯ Many other companies will probably find that their IT teams are rushed off their feet, their employees are struggling to get their work done from home and business leaders will be wondering what they can do to resolve the challenges they face.

⏰ The good news is that it is not too late, and there are plenty of businesses that can help. Even taking small steps, you can help your team right now – and pave the way to a more agile, secure, scalable future in the cloud ➑️ ☁️

πŸ‘‰ We’ve collected our top tips for a successful digital transformation project in to this rather handy, downloadable PDF.

How safe is your password1234??

Passwords aren’t what they used to be. It used to be pretty standard practice for passwords to include 8 characters with some level of complexity. But that is no longer enough.

πŸ“š Studies have shown when a password requires complexity, the complex element is used in a similar pattern and then repeated. And repeated. Across all sites. Everywhere. Of course, hackers have caught onto this and there are now huge passwords lists (freely available) that contain millions of easy to guess passwords.

πŸ’‘ There are things that you can do to strengthen your password. Instead of the usual 8 characters, use a minimum of 12. But the longer the password, the better really. We like to use pass-phrases, too….simply put two or more random words together. Numbers and characters can be added but we’ll leave that up to your own creativity πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ¨

Getting your passwords on point is one thing. But combining it with something like multi-factor authentication and/or single sign on? Then things really do start to look peachy.

To find out more about protecting your identities and increasing your security, drop an email to

“Avengers assemble!”?

There is a commonly held belief in IT that an expert is an expert in everything. That is not the case. Unless you have the right expertise in-house…look elsewhere. Bring in the best that is available (that you can afford, of course!).

✏️ ☁️ Designing a new cloud platform is a tough task that requires considerable expertise, experience and knowledge. Invest in your team and make sure you have the right people around you. Getting this right from the start is far less painful…

πŸ‘‰ We’ve collected our top tips for a successful digital transformation project in to this rather handy, downloadable PDF.

Buying the best – for your business?

Choosing software that supports your business needs might sound pretty obvious when planning a digital transformation project. But the key thing to note is that we’re not suggesting you buy the ‘best’ on the market.

Every business is unique, and just because an application is market-leading doesn’t mean it’s the best thing for you. Identify your requirements, set the criteria – and then decide πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ

πŸ€“ You can read more top things to consider when taking on a digital transformation project, right here.

People before process?

When starting a digital transformation project, it’s easy to forget about everything and everyone else. But you must bring the business with you!

If your users don’t buy in to the change and the reasons for it, you have no chance. Never underestimate the importance of having top down support from your senior leaders. Communication, communication, and communication. And of course, listening too. To senior management, to users, to your part-timers and contract staff… you never really know the true wisdom that lies within your own organisation!

More of our top things to consider when taking on a digital transformation project can be found on this free, downloadable PDF.

Is your IT house in order??

The start of any digital transformation project should be exciting. But it’s really important to get your current IT in to shape first.

As with anything worthy of your time and effort, preparation is key. And that applies to your user management, network, space capacity, perimeters, firewalls and devices.

πŸ‘‰ Here’s our short guide of things to consider before undertaking a digital transformation project:Β

Digital transformation: a mini guide of things to consider?

Early adopters, those businesses with the foresight to embrace the cloud, are those who are now enjoying the benefits, as the way the world works continues to evolve. But it’s never too late to start.

You can view our full (but mini) guide of things to consider before undertaking a digital transformation project here:

Head in the clouds. Feet on the ground.?

Moving over to the cloud is rarely an easy decision for any business. But in today’s new normal it turns out to be remarkably advantageous.

Having implemented many digital transformation projects, we’ve identified the core elements that must be considered to ensure success and put together a short guide which I hope will show it’s really not as daunting as some make out!

You can view it here:


Azured Australia: Microsoft Advanced Specialization?

Some fantastic news from the Azured team in Australia… they have just received their first ‘Advanced Specialization’ accreditation from Microsoft. Or, to give its full title (which is far easier to type than to say), the ‘Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization’. Phew.

When Anthony and I founded Azured back in 2015, we knew the business would be based around the core values of commitment, knowledge and expertise. We have been lucky enough to build a team around us that hold those same values – and demonstrate them on a daily basis. This accreditation is a great testament to that.