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The Microsoft cloud security,
identity and access specialist

Bomb-proof protection for your business, data, people and devices in a world of rapidly evolving cyber threats

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• Design and deployment of Microsoft cloud security solutions
• Security assessments
• Identity Access Management
• Identity migration
• Data Loss Prevention
• Disaster recovery
Our suite of
bomb-proof security solutions based on market-leading software from Microsoft will make remote working and cloud security a doddle, securing your network, identities, data and devices.

Network as a Service is here! Our pioneering, fully managed SD-WAN solution is powered by VMware VeloCloud. Optimise your network and deliver your key applications faster and more securely, reduce costs and management and take back control.

The first and only of its kind, our next-gen Firewall as a Service with a managed internet gateway in Microsoft Azure is underpinned by the latest Palo Alto tech. Fully managed and subscription-based, for total flexibility and scalability.

What's in that special sauce?

Well, first off, our solutions seamlessly integrate into Azure, and we’re able to do this because we have the support and trust of Microsoft. “What an incredible umami taste explosion!”, we hear you cry.


It is very tasty, but it’s not the only ingredient in our secret sauce. We founded Azured with the commitment to democratise the cloud; making it accessible, secure and affordable for all. And the hotter-than-the-sun, bubbling, melted cheese on top is how we do that, and what it feels like to work with us.


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Know your PaaS from your SaaS? Interested in how SD-WAN is transforming the way we work? Curious about the veritable smorgasbord of cloud security solutions? We’ve got something to say (and boy do we ever keep saying it).

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