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Cloud security solutions.

Fully managed and subscription-based for unprecedented simplicity, security and control.

Azure makes it possible.

Azured makes it easy.

Network security and control

Network as a Service is here!
Our pioneering, fully managed SD-WAN
solution is powered by VMware VeloCloud,
delivering unprecedented network
simplicity and control.

The first and only of its kind, our next-gen Firewall
as a Service with a managed internet gateway
in Azure is based on Palo Alto Technology.
Fully managed and subscription-based,
for total flexibility and scalability.

The WAN that you want?

We’re all using ever greater amounts of data to keep our businesses moving. We need to work together across continents, but we still want to make things happen more quickly. We need to increase our productivity, but without increasing the cost, or compromising safety.

We’re also using networking technologies mostly based on ideas that, though revolutionary in the 1970s, have largely stood still while the world has changed around them.

It’s time for something new.

What's in that special sauce?

We’ve made a commitment to brilliance. Our network and firewall solutions seamlessly integrate into Microsoft Azure. We’re the only company in the world who can do this, and we’ve done it with the support and trust of Microsoft. That’s our special sauce. 

It’s a special sauce that delivers the umami explosion of the market-leading SD-WAN technology from VMWare VeloCloud. And the hotter-than-the-sun, bubbling, melted cheese on top is next-gen firewall technology from Palo Alto Networks. Hungry?                  

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