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Laura Peters

Herder of Cats

Verging on unlikable likability.
Oh. Gosh. Errrr... let's make one up. I know! Sometimes, her leggings are an inch too short.

Every home should have a Laura… but there’s only one, so, UNLUCKY!

A planner, a list writer, a pen-waggling aficionado. A dedicated fan of schedules and spreadsheets – with a penchant for anything that requires just about any amount of organising.

I’m here to get stuff done. And sometimes it does feel like I’m trying to herd cats, but most of the time it doesn’t (although cat herding has its own unique kind of charm, too). 

My background is in marketing and project management so between gantts and graphics, you might find me hanging out over there, with Els… (projects and budgets aside, we mostly talk about stationery, curly hair, cute necklaces and why the two-tier internet is becoming a reality). 

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