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Laura Peters

Herder of Cats

Verging on unlikable likability.
Oh. Gosh. Errrr... let's make one up. I know! Sometimes, her leggings are an inch too short.

I’m here to get stuff done. Sometimes it does feel like I’m trying to herd cats, but most of the time it doesn’t (although cat herding has its own unique charm, too). 

It’s a big responsibility, organising our team and keeping projects on schedule. But it’s one that I relish and take very seriously – we have visionary clients and a formidable team here at Azured and I’m totally committed to both.

I never thought I would be able to talk as confidently on the subject of zero trust networks as I can about zero waste living, yet here I am, getting my geek on daily! So, please feel free to drop me a message about conditional access policies or, for that matter, environmentally-friendly packaging and I’ll do my level best to help.

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