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Azured Remote Protect

Securing the home office.

From HQ to the kitchen table.

Thought secure remote working with bombproof firewalls was just for the big guys?

Well, not any more.

Remote Protect is our fully managed, subscription-based Firewall as a Service, powered by next-gen technology from Palo Alto. Like that wasn’t enough, we’ve done some funky stuff behind the scenes (that nobody else has) to make this enterprise grade security solution affordable for SMBs.

So whether you’re working from HQ or the kitchen table, we’ve got your internet security covered.

Consider your business problems…


We built our Firewall as a Service solutions in direct response to client needs – not to massage our techie’s egos. And you won’t find another solution in the world like it. Our blend of Palo Alto technology, Microsoft Azure and our unique IP and service wrap directly addresses these common business challenges… 

What’s your challenge…?

Here’s how we solve it…

Guaranteeing secure remote working

Fast, secure remote access, packet inspection, zero day vulnerability, threat protection and prevention.

Inadequate internet security

Centralised, MS Azure Managed Internet gateway built on Palo Alto Next-Gen firewall.

Network complexity and lack of resilience

Highly available primary/secondary internet breakouts in Azure–only solution to support a default route.

Difficulty securing apps and data

Out-of-the-box hub and spoke Virtual DataCentre (Azure Landing Zone) protects all cloud resources.

Managing costs

Remove redundant edge firewalls and centralise VPN access for accessing data, on prem and in the cloud.

It's out of date before it's deployed

Our managed service includes latest technology from Palo Alto with its continuous upgrade path.

Lack of scalability and flexibility

Monthly subscription, no minimum contract. Start small go large, start large go huge, start huge conquer the world... mwahahaaa!

as a Service - what it means to us

Cloud has a growing reputation for improving business efficiencies through the integration of aaS solutions. We’ve embraced this concept with open arms, and have built all our aaS solutions as evergreen platforms.

For us, fully managed means we prioritise the integrity of your environment and take responsibility for the outcomes.

You won’t have to manage multiple suppliers. We’ll do that so you can stay focused on other things.

We’ve built and integrated our own Power BI reporting platform with an online dashboard. It gives you real-time, clear and actionable insights on how to optimise the performance and security of your network, easily.  

Included in our service wraps are Moves, Adds and Changes (MACs), 24×7 support, access to the MyAzured reporting platform and technology upgrades.